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Archives for 2011 | Audio, Video & Lighting News

East Coast / West Coast Success

The team at The Entertainment Department ended 2010 with great momentum and excitement for the year to come... and our first month of the New Year didn’t disappoint! Because of our dedication to personalized service and flawless productions, our team enjoyed the honor of repeat business from loyal clients in January!

First up was our Atlanta-based Private Wealth Counsel client. After establishing a successful partnership with this group in October of 2010, we were flattered to be called upon once again - this time to provide our services in three different venues around Atlanta for a three-day conference. Not only did our team provide audio, video and lighting services for the live events, but we also filmed and edited the last day of the conference. The client plans to use our professionally produced video for posting to their website and as distribution material for their Sales & Marketing teams!

Immediately following the successful conference in Atlanta, we were excited to join our friends with ICLE in San Diego. This was the eighth time our team was invited to provide our services for this group and the second time we joined them on the West Coast. Needless to say, we were very well prepared for this program and both TED & ICLE staff enjoyed the benefits of the repeat business. A relaxed, yet professionally successful event, this show was a great example of how beneficial using TED can be - as proven when our team had rooms set up and ready three hours earlier than scheduled, much to the delight of the meeting planner that forgot to mention the earlier start time for two of the rooms! TED’s proactive team was ready to help the client shine where other vendors’ procrastination could have been detrimental to the program’s success! We’re looking forward to joining ICLE again later this year in Nashville for their annual Model Schools Conference.