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Event Recap: 25th Annual Model Schools Conference

June 25 - 28, 2017 Nashville, TN

The TED team wrapped up a memorable event at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center for our client ICLE. This marks the 25th Annual Model Schools Conference and is ICLE’s largest event of the year. More than 6,500 attendees filled the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center to participate in over 300 sessions, immersive learning experiences, and networking opportunities.


TED had 50 crew members working on this year’s event who together managed over 40 concurrent sessions and a general session space of over 55,000 sqft. In addition to audiovisual production services, a dedicated film crew captured the entire event including attendee testimonials and employee interviews that can be used to advertise future events and as promotional content.

Leading up to the event, our team conducted multiple site visits, created numerous CAD drawings and renderings to insure that everything was laid out and conducted successfully. We provide this as an added value to help us and our clients succeed.

One of our main focuses is to keep things as cost effective as possible for our client. In order to do so, we utilized the ballroom’s airwalls to make the space more flexible - meaning multiple smaller rooms can be combined to create a larger space(s) and then reduced again to accommodate smaller meetings - but the AV systems in each room need to be integrated to fit the created space.

“I cannot recommend them highly enough for both quality and cost.  Compared to in house or other vendors they have saved us a fortune.”  - ICLE  

For the hotel staff it’s nothing more than opening/closing walls, but for our team it can become extremely complicated with regards to signal & power distribution especially when coupled with the task of getting it done in fifteen minutes or less, all while working around thousands of attendees and presenters getting ready for their next sessions. It takes a lot of planning and preparation to make sure all goes smooth on the day-of-show and the audience perceives it as a seamless transition.This is a detail that we would do for all of our clients to save them money and provide a complete worry-free AV experience.


This was the second time that we have produced the Model Schools Conference for ICLE at the Gaylord Opryland. ICLE was TED’s very first corporate client and have used our team exclusively since 2008. During this time we have developed a great partnership with ICLE in a way that they trust our team to handle all of the specs, labor, logistics, etc. for their events. We are proud of the trust they have in us, and it’s unique for an event this size for the client to never have to worry about AV/production, trusting the vendor to have their back completely allowing them to focus on the numerous other tasks they have. We’ve become great friends with the ICLE team and we love working with them!

Do you have an event coming up? Give us a call. We would love to be your trusted AV provider.

East Coast / West Coast Success

The team at The Entertainment Department ended 2010 with great momentum and excitement for the year to come... and our first month of the New Year didn’t disappoint! Because of our dedication to personalized service and flawless productions, our team enjoyed the honor of repeat business from loyal clients in January!

First up was our Atlanta-based Private Wealth Counsel client. After establishing a successful partnership with this group in October of 2010, we were flattered to be called upon once again - this time to provide our services in three different venues around Atlanta for a three-day conference. Not only did our team provide audio, video and lighting services for the live events, but we also filmed and edited the last day of the conference. The client plans to use our professionally produced video for posting to their website and as distribution material for their Sales & Marketing teams!

Immediately following the successful conference in Atlanta, we were excited to join our friends with ICLE in San Diego. This was the eighth time our team was invited to provide our services for this group and the second time we joined them on the West Coast. Needless to say, we were very well prepared for this program and both TED & ICLE staff enjoyed the benefits of the repeat business. A relaxed, yet professionally successful event, this show was a great example of how beneficial using TED can be - as proven when our team had rooms set up and ready three hours earlier than scheduled, much to the delight of the meeting planner that forgot to mention the earlier start time for two of the rooms! TED’s proactive team was ready to help the client shine where other vendors’ procrastination could have been detrimental to the program’s success! We’re looking forward to joining ICLE again later this year in Nashville for their annual Model Schools Conference.

Diverse Client Success

October 2010 found TED producing events for a diverse group of clientele. With attendance numbering from 300 to 2,000, each event had specific needs as unique as the clients they represented. Produced back-to-back over the course of three weeks and in three different cities, the shows represented our team’s ability to multitask for multiple clients while maintaining the focus and flexibility that each customer deserved in order to make their production a success.

We started off the month successfully producing an event for an independent financial management firm. Hosted at the Cobb Energy Centre in north Atlanta, the purpose of the conference was to provide wealth counsel for the hundreds of high net worth individuals, families and institutions in attendance - so the expectation for perfection was certainly present! We helped ease the client’s pre-show jitters by having several meetings at their offices before the big day and offering our experience and advice on how the program could flow and ways we could enhance it. The end result was another “client for life”! Not only was the end-user extremely pleased with how things went for this annual conference, they asked us to partner with them in enhancing their quarterly webcast events - the first of which we successfully produced just a few days ago!

Next up was a conference for 2,000 people in Dallas, TX. As a consultant company for the healthcare industry, our client was very specific regarding the need of high quality audio and video during the sessions. To make things even more interesting, the ballroom that hosted the general session was split into four separate salons for the breakout sessions - and we only had thirty minutes to divide the room, the stage, its technical systems and get the next four meetings started simultaneously! To top it off, at the last minute it was decided to have a band play in the awards show and general session! In total, we provided over 40,000 lumens of projection, 30 wireless microphone units, LED lighting and a crew that left the client so pleased that they invited our entire staff to their VIP reception the night before the event’s conclusion! We’re currently in discussions regarding our team joining them again in December in Tampa.

Finally came our show in Washington D.C. This was our fifth time producing an event with ICLE and our second time producing their Fall Symposium. Always a fun group to work with, their staff insisted we join them at their congratulatory staff dinner - a privilege normally reserved for the members of their team who played the biggest roles in planning and executing the successful event. Needless to say, we were truly flattered to be invited and felt even more obligated to make sure everything was flawless during the conference. The three day event hosted over 250 teachers, school administrators and educational consultants and was a complete success! We’re already looking forward to joining ICLE on their next events in San Diego and Nashville!

Hawaii Model Schools Conference

When International Center for Leadership in Education committed to producing the 2010 Hawaii Model Schools Conference, they had some understandable concerns. ICLE had never produced a meeting in such a far away destination, had no preferred vendors on the Islands and finding cost effective solutions for producing a successful event thousands of miles from the continental U.S. can be an extremely daunting & intimidating challenge.

So, they graciously invited The Entertainment Department to take on these challenges for them! Since we love a good challenge (and shows in tropical destinations!) it was an invitation we were more than happy to accept.

The Entertainment Department was able to help ease the minds of both the onsite & offsite staff by helping to secure the right gear and the right people for the right price. The ICLE team was also grateful that TED was there to help solve an onsite problem - even though it was a good problem to have!

Every meeting planner would rather have too many attendees versus too few... and the 2010 Hawaii Model Schools Conference would have made any planner happy - and nervous! Luckily, TED was there to help! Although our team had provided CAD diagrams drawn down to the inch that showed enough seats for every early registrant, the conference grew and the well laid plans had to change. Even while operating the General Session, TED’s Technical Director was able to coordinate the venue’s teams & departments into providing a flexible solution - moving the conference forward with happy guests & staff!

The ICLE staff was extremely happy with the results of the conference and The Entertainment Department is excited and flattered to be joining ICLE for their next events in cities from Washington DC to San Diego!