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JBL VRX Now Available!


The smaller more versatile version of JBL’s acclaimed VerTec line array system, VRX has proven to become the go to sound reinforcement system for many production companies around the world. The Entertainment Department is proud to invest in this line of high quality products and now has a full self-powered system featuring VRX932LAP cabinets and VRX918SP subwoofers.

The VRX900 system is easily scalable to your event size with many possible configurations. Adequate coverage is easily accomplished via a flown line array, a pole mounted setup utilizing one or two cabinets over a matching VRX918SP subwoofer, or fully ground stack up to four cabinets for stadium seating scenarios. Smaller event spaces can also benefit from a single VRX cabinet and tripod stand.

Our corporate clients love the small footprint and clear larger than life sound. Our techs enjoy the lightweight portability and plug and play ease of use of this powered PA system.

Flying JBL VRX cabinets could not be easier. With integrated quick release pins and an array frame there is no complicated brackets or additional hardware to keep up with onsite.


1750W Peak, 875W Continuous
349 mm x 597 mm x 444 mm
13.5 in x 23.5 in x 17.5 in
24 kg (52 lb)


1500W Peak, 800W Continuous
508 mm x 597 mm x 749 mm
20.0 in x 23.5 in x 29.5 in
38.5 kg (85 lb)

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We pride ourselves in maintaining a higher level of quality control across our entire rental inventory than is common in the industry. Contact us for pricing and availability of this and many of our other audio visual products and services.